~ Karmic Consultants Series Guide ~

Karmic Consultants is a consulting firm specializing in the resolution of paranormal difficulties. Ghosts haunting your house? Demons possessing your teenager? Lost a valuable artifact, need an infallible human lie-detector, or want a glimpse of the future? Karmic Consultants is for you. But be warned: romance and hilarity may ensue.

~ Recommended Reading Order ~

Author's Note: All of my books can be read independently, but characters from previous books make appearances throughout the series (and to make things more complicated, not all stories were released in chronological order - the numbers following the titles below are the order released). Recommended reading order is shown here. These books will soon be re-released.

The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo & the Poltergeist Accountant (#1) - Spring
A Cop & A Feel (#5) - Summer
The Ghost Exterminator: A Love Story (#2) - October
Finder's Keeper (#6) - April
The Sexoricst (#3) - May
The Naked Detective (#4) - June
Naughty Karma (#7) - July

Stand-Alone Free Read: Love Potion #9

~ Who's Who ~

Can't keep those Karmic Consultants straight or want a refresher before you pick up the next book in the series?
Here's a staff roster, along with bios for a few other key characters.

  • Karma - The Boss. Founder and executive officer of Karmic Consultants. Unknown psychic abilities.
  • Lucy Cartwright - KC's therapist for the spirits of the recently departed. Catnip for nerdy ghosts. Heroine of The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo & the Poltergeist Accountant.
  • Jake Cox - A private investigator & Karma's brother, Jake periodically consults with Karmic Consultants and often acts as an intermediary with various law enforcement agencies when paranormal matters are under investigation. Hero of The Ghost Shrink, the Accidental Gigolo & the Poltergeist Accountant.
  • Jo Banks - Ghost Exterminator for Karmic Consultants. An expert at the pest control approach to ghost removal & one of the most powerful mediums on the Eastern seaboard. Heroine of The Ghost Exterminator: A Love Story.
  • Wyatt Haines - CEO and founder of Haines Hideaways, a Fortune 500 luxury resort chain. Skeptic. Hero of The Ghost Exterminator: A Love Story.
  • Brittany Hylton-VanDeere - KC's secretary, wedding planner, and fixer of all administrative woes. Also an heiress. Heroine of The Sexorcist.
  • Luis Rodriguez - Demonologist and exorcist for KC. Hero of The Sexorcist.
  • Ciara Liung - Psychic finder of lost artifacts for KC. Debilitating psychic dissonance prevents Ciara from being able to wear clothing while working. Heroine of The Naked Detective.
  • Nate Smith - Ciara's FBI handler & member of the FBI's Jewelry & Gemstone division. Hero of The Naked Detective.
  • Ronna Mitchell - Touch-sensitive Human Lie Detector who can occasionally see visions of the future. Heroine of A Cop & A Feel.
  • Matt Holloway - Ambitious young police officer with reliable "hunches", assigned to Organized Crime Task Force. Hero of A Cop & A Feel.
  • Prometheus - Owner of a magical curio shop and general mystic mischief maker. The thorn in Karma's side.
  • Lara - Practicing witch and KC potion expert. Heroine of Love Potion #9.
  • Connor - Bar owner, warlock, potionist. Hero of Love Potion #9.