~ Light-Hearted Paranormal Romance ~

Love in the Time of Poltergeists It Happened One Haunting A Little Night Magic
Love in the Time of

Karmic Consultants #1
It Happened One

Karmic Consultants #2
A Little Night Magic
Karmic Consultants #3


Never Been Cursed Demon Hunting For Beginners The Oracle Who Loved Me
Never Been Cursed
Karmic Consultants #4
Demon Hunting for Beginners
Karmic Consultants #5
The Oracle Who Loved Me
Karmic Consultants #6



Give a Girl a Warlock Ghosts of Boyfriends Past A Good Girl's Guide to Super Villains
Give a Girl a Warlock
Karmic Consultants #7
Ghosts of Boyfriends Past
Paranormal Romantic Comedy
A Good Girl’s Guide
to Super Villains

Superheroes in Love #1


A Bad Girl's Guide to Super Heroes A Nice Guy's Guide to Starting Fires A Damsel's Guide to Destruction
A Bad Girl’s Guide
to Super Heroes

Superheroes in Love #2
A Nice Guy’s Guide
to Starting Fires

Superheroes in Love #3
A Damsel’s Guide
to Destruction

Superheroes in Love #4


~ Steamy Shapeshifter Romance ~

Serengeti Heat Serengeti Storm Serengeti Lightning
Serengeti Heat
Alpha’s Mate #1
Serengeti Storm
Alpha’s Mate #2
Serengeti Lightning
Alpha’s Mate #3
Serengeti Sunrise Jaguar's Kiss Taming the Lion
Serengeti Sunrise
Alpha’s Mate #4
Jaguar’s Kiss
Lone Pine Pride #1
Taming the Lion
Lone Pine Pride #2
Unbearable Desire Hawk's Revenge Tangling with the Tiger
Unbearable Desire
Lone Pine Pride #3
Hawk’s Revenge
Lone Pine Pride #4
Tangling with
the Tiger

Lone Pine Pride #5


~ Stand Alone Novellas ~

No Angel Cover - Woman walking through fire with fire wings and a halo Spinning Gold Reawakening Eden
No Angel
A Paranormal Christmas
Spinning Gold
A Fairy-Tale Retold
Reawakening Eden
Post Apocalyptic Romance