Serengeti Lightning

Sometimes attraction is a force of nature.

Serengeti LightningMara Leonard’s biological clock is a ticking bomb. This lioness wants a family and needs a serious man to make that happen – which means breaking up with deliciously sexy, too-young-to-be-taken-seriously Michael Minor.

Michael never grew into the ability to control his shapeshifting when his emotions are high, but that doesn’t mean he’s given up on a happily ever after with Mara and the promise of a family of his own. The tricky part is convincing the stubborn, pragmatic schoolteacher to look at him in a new light – as more than an immature sex toy.

When Mara decides to leave the pride to search for a proper mate, Michael doesn’t have much time to convince his over-analytical lover to trust her heart. But if their rocky relationship spills over into the nearby town, it could expose not just his heart, but all of the shapeshifters’ secrets.

Genre: Shapeshifter Romance :: Heat Level: Spicy :: Length: Novella
List Price: $2.99 :: Publication Date: September 2010


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