All Things Shifter Series Guide

On the secluded Three Rocks Ranch somewhere in West Texas, a secretive community of lion-shifters walk the line between between animalism and humanity. Torn between instinct and logic, and constrained by the traditions of their pride, four dominant lions must claim their mates – without drawing the attention of the human world outside their borders.

~ Recommended Reading Order ~

Author’s Note: All of my books can be read independently, but characters from previous books make
appearances in later books in each series. To avoid spoilers, the recommended reading order is shown below.

1. Serengeti Heat
1.5. A Serengeti Christmas – Holiday Free Read
2. Serengeti Storm
3. Serengeti Lightning
4. Serengeti Sunrise

1. Jaguar’s Kiss
2. Taming the Lion
3. Unbearable Desire
4. Hawk’s Revenge
5. Tangling with the Tiger

~ Who’s Who ~

Need a refresher of who’s who before you dive into the next story?
Here’s a primer of the familiar faces in the Three Rocks Pride.

  • Landon King – The new Alpha of Three Rocks Pride & the hero of Serengeti Heat, Landon is a progressive thinker and idealist, in addition to being a formidable physical threat. Since his recent rise to power, he has sought to bring out the humanity in his pride.
  • Ava Minor – The runt of the pride & heroine of Serengeti Heat, Ava has been forced by her lack of size and strength to develop her skills as a diplomat and strategist in order to avoid confrontation. Sick of being seen as less worthy because of her slight size and lack of aggression, she nonetheless has a realistic awareness of the pride culture and doubts she could ever be truly accepted as the Alpha’s mate.
  • Caleb Minor – Ava’s second brother, one of Landon’s lieutenants & the hero of Serengeti Storm, Caleb is the strong, silent type, steady through every upheaval. Protective of his sister, he also cannot escape his emotional entanglement with one of her primary antagonists, Shana.
  • Shana Delray – A dominant female in the pride & heroine of Serengeti Storm, Shana was bred to be the Alpha’s mate and trained in manipulation by her mother. Obstinant and warlike, she doesn’t take no for an answer. Caleb Minor is the only one who has her number.
  • Michael Minor – Ava’s youngest brother and hero of Serengeti Lightning, Michael has never grown out of the tendency to shift uncontrollably when his emotions are running high.
  • Mara Leonard – The heroine of Serengeti Lightning is the teacher at the pride’s school and powerful lioness in her own right, Mara values control, discipline and order.
  • Tyler Minor – Ava’s eldest and most protective brother, Tyler has been the head of the Minor family since their mother died when he was a teen. He has been locked into a life of duty, protecting and caring for his siblings ever since.
  • Zoe King – Landon’s sister, Zoe was a nomad with her brother for several years before they arrived at the ranch. Impetuous and free-spirited, she attacks every problem head on, but cannot seem to crack Tyler Minor’s shell.
  • Leonus & Kato – Leonus was Alpha of the pride before Landon wrested control from him. Kato was his primary enforcer. They took power from Shana’s father, killing him in the process, and ruled as despots for over a decade before finally being overthrown & banished by Landon.
  • Kane Minor – Ava’s third brother, Kane is already in a committed relationship with another pride-member.