A Little Night Magic

He’s gonna be the love of her life… if they both survive the night.

A Little Night MagicWith a single touch, Ronna Mitchell can separate truth from lies and sometimes catch glimpses of the future, but the life of a human lie detector is a lonely one. Until one night when she’s moonlighting as a carnival palm-reader and police officer Matt Holloway stumbles into her tent.

The second she touches him she sees their entire lives laid out before her – but how do you tell a perfect stranger he’ll be the father of your unborn children… provided a professional killer doesn’t get to him first. Matt is on the trail of a mafia hit man and with the assassin stalking her, Ronna may have to plunge into the mind of a killer to save the man who could be her forever. If they both survive.


Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy :: Heat Level: Medium-Hot :: Length: Novella
List Price: $0.99 :: Publication Date: July 2011

**Previously released as A COP & A FEEL**


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